Symmetra 1st Birthday Party

The heart of any company are the people who create it!

We are very proud to announced that Symmetra is one year old and over the last year our Team has grown and no one had left.

We celebrated Symmetra first birthday in a great, family atmosphere. We are happy that Symmetra Team is still growing and with curiosity and full of optimism we are looking to the future.

Happy Birthday Symmetra!


ICT Solutions for Health Tech - Pfaffikon, Switzerland

Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce together with ICT Switzerland and Kanton Schwyz had organized a Polish-Swiss debate to give opportunity to learn more about IT solutions in Health Tech industry. The event combines two growing industries: ICT and Health Tech.

As one of the sponsors we had presented our services in Pfaffikon, Switzerland.

The Polish-Swiss Roundtable aims to bring together companies from Switzerland and Poland to get to know each other and explore possibilities of exchange, collaboration and partnerships.

We are very happy that we took part in this event and we are looking forward to our next meetings in Switzerland.

Symmetra Team.


TopSoft 2016 Zurich

We have visited Zurich again to attend TOPSOFT - Swiss IT fair for Business Software.

In keeping with the 20-year anniversary exhibition topsoft aroused the special exhibition “Business IT: History meets Future” of Röbi Weiss with numerous exhibits from the past old memories.

Main topics of the fair was: CRM, e-commerce, business intelligence, marketing automation and customer service.


Critical Communications World 2016

The International Critical Communications Community met in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for the 18th Critical Communications World incorporating the TETRA World Congress.

At the exhibition we had access to the latest equipment and solutions presented by over 130 companies, among others COMLAB AG, our mother company.

Symmetra was also present at the fair. It was a great organized event in the incredible city of Amsterdam.


TechTalk 2016 in Switzerland

Industry 4.0 is the integration of the industrial production with the latest information and communication technology. What exactly varies with industry 4.0 and what are the consequences? This should probably have been the fundamental issues that the approximately 130 guests have asked most in TechTalk 14th Reconnaissance work is done by professionals in education and business.

Located in the vintage atmosphere of the Emil Frey Classics, TechTalk discusses the opportunities and dangers of the latest industrial revolution and as we prepare ourselves as a network for the challenges.