Software Design & Development

„Tailor-made solutions according to client specification”

Software development

Software development technologies

Hardware Engineering and Development

- Assembly languages: C++, C, C#, AHDL, VHDL, VERILOG

- FPGA based solutions

- Full SoC designs

- Embedded firmware implementation

- Custom firmware languages

- Testing and verification of solutions

Hardware to software integration

- Tailor-made integration

- High-quality standards

- Fast code analysis

- Code testing, system redesign

- Integration with 3rd party software and hardware

Mechanical Engineering


1. Determine need or problem

2. Establish Criteria/Parameters (customer requirements) 

3. Discover Viable Solution(s) (while taking into account R&D budget and end product target       pricing, and client requirement)

4. Optimal Solution Selection

5. Build Prototype

6. Test Prototype

7. Present results

8. Transfer know-how to Client

Prototyping and small scale production

“ Electronic and mechanical design and prototyping”

Engineering and re-engineering services (physical upgrading)

Building block & custom algorithm execution/design

Integration of complex software systems

Professional analyses for best fit-solutions

IT system integration