Words of gratitude

‘With great pleasure I recollect my visit to Symmetra and I believe that it wasn’t the last time. Observing the rapid development of the company, the atmosphere at the workplace, the people who create it and the values ​​on which it is built, I am sure that it will make the subject of many more publications’.

Wow, such wonderful words of gratitude from Jan, one of the alumni of The People Matter Foundation that Symmetra supports! He has just graduated from the top polish university Warsaw School of Economics SGH and his MA thesis has been well-graded!

Your kind words of appreciation: ‘Thank you for the time you’ve devoted to me, your openness, explanations and patience’ are nothing in comparison to the pride we take in you. Symmetra is happy to assist your educational development. Jan, it’s been both exciting and inspirational to us to watch how dedicated to your studies and willing to take new challenges you’ve been and how much you’ve steadily advanced on your career path!

We are happy to support you further and wish you much joy and success in your professional and personal life.

Symmetra Team